Transforming Skilled Nursing Facilities: 3 High ROI Investments


Darren Mathis

Overcome Staffing Challenges and Enhance Patient Care

In the dynamic landscape of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), the confluence of unprecedented staffing shortages and the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a need for innovative solutions. This article explores the intersection of staffing challenges and technological advancements, advocating for a proactive approach to leverage cutting-edge technology. 

Staffing Shortages and Changing Patient Dynamics

As revealed in a recent report by CarePort, SNFs are grappling with an increased rejection rate of referrals, reaching 65% in January of this year. The industry is experiencing a 10% decline in SNF referrals compared to pre-pandemic levels. Moreover, staffing limitations have led to a 10% rise in the average hospital length of stay for patients referred to SNFs since 2019.

Technology as a Strategic Asset

Technology is not a cure-all, but strategic investments can position SNFs favorably amidst evolving challenges. Interoperability and transparency across the care continuum are imperative, and technology can play a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

In this article we want to highlight 3 key investment SNF executives we are working with made during the years together that resulted in the highest impact for the organization without significant risk.

1) Workflow Optimization through Automation

Addressing staffing challenges requires a reevaluation of workflows. By embracing technology-driven solutions, SNFs can streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and reduce the dependency on human intervention. This, in turn, leads to significant labor and cost savings, allowing resources to be reallocated more efficiently.

While staffing is often a hard problem to solve because of a real lack of qualified talent, making the few operators more efficient is the best logical solution for not paying a fortune in payroll.

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2) The Rise of Referral Automation:

In recent years, referral automation and management software solutions have evolved, presenting a compelling return on investment (ROI) for SNFs. Today's technology offers end-to-end solutions that enhance speed, accuracy, efficiency, and capture rates, ultimately boosting referral conversion rates and revenue.

The greatest reasons why skilled nursing facilities lose referrals are a very slow response for a final decision on whether to accept or not a new patient in a safe view.

3) Rethinking Sales and Marketing Strategies:

One of the critical barriers to census growth and recovery is the inefficiency in aligning sales talent with core responsibilities. Highly compensated sales professionals often perform administrative tasks, hindering patient-focused activities. Technology-based solutions can automate clerical and administrative work, allowing skilled professionals to dedicate more time to patient care and referral partnerships.

By embracing technology-driven solutions, SNFs can navigate staffing shortages, improve operational efficiency, and ensure they remain resilient in the face of evolving healthcare landscapes. The time to revolutionize our collective policy on technology adoption is now, paving the way for a connected, collaborative, and patient-focused era in skilled nursing.

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