Stop Losing Referrals: Technological Transformation in Skilled Nursing for better and faster decisions


Darren Mathis

Stop Losing Referrals: Technological Transformation in Skilled Nursing for better and faster decisions

As we navigate the delicate balance between delivering high-quality patient care and meeting referral quotas, it becomes increasingly evident that a paradigm shift is not only necessary but also ripe for exploration.

Historically, our industry has lagged behind others in embracing technological advancements. The process of gaining approval for new patients, especially in response to hospital referrals, has been marred by inefficiencies and delayed responses. The time has come for us to challenge the status quo and consider how technology can be a catalyst for change—a true game-changer in the pursuit of better care and better business.

The Need for Transformation

The inherent challenges in reaching referral quotas from hospitals often stem from a prolonged and cumbersome approval process. Skilled nursing facilities, traditionally slow in responding to hospitals, find themselves entangled in administrative complexities that hinder the very essence of timely and effective patient care.

This conundrum necessitates a shift toward solutions that centralize and automate the referral process. It's not about replacing the human touch but rather enhancing it, reducing redundancy, and fostering a more interconnected healthcare ecosystem.

Referral Management: A Technological Revolution

Having an efficient nursing home software system in place will help a facility monitor the census by managing the clinical and billing reports. This, in turn, will allow a facility to create a single resident repository with real-time data sharing so staff can save time.

An RMS with real-time bed availability updates enables referring institutions to see the SNF's current occupancy status. Having accurate bed availability information can prompt referring facilities to make timely decisions, increasing the likelihood of choosing the SNF for patient placement.

It epitomizes the evolution of senior care into the digital age, offering a centralized, coordinated, and transparent process that aligns seamlessly with the workflow of skilled nursing facilities.

The emphasis is not merely on making the process faster, but on making it more accurate. By centralizing the workflow, eliminating redundancy, and automating notifications to relevant departments, this solution allows for a more data-driven and efficient decision-making process.

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A Collaborative Approach to Technological Integration

The integration of technology should not be seen as a disruptive force but as a collaborative endeavor. Working with providers to build preconfigured workflows ensures that the technology aligns with the unique needs and nuances of each skilled nursing facility. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth transition and encourages the industry to collectively embrace a technological future.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the potential of technological solutions like, the vision extends beyond a mere product pitch. It's about cultivating a mindset that welcomes innovation, values efficiency, and prioritizes patient care. The goal is not just to meet referral quotas but to redefine the very essence of how skilled nursing facilities operate and deliver care in the 21st century.

In conclusion, this thought leadership piece invites the skilled nursing industry to reflect on its relationship with technology and consider how embracing change can lead to a future where seamless, efficient, and patient-centric care becomes the norm. The journey toward technological transformation is not just about keeping pace with the times but about shaping a future where our commitment to patient well-being remains unwavering, supported by the tools that modern technology can provide.

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