What benefit does next-level e-signing software bring to senior care communities?

Document compliance risk frustration
Document compliance risk frustration

By Susan Saldibar

(this post was originally published in Senior Living Foresight)

Are you using electronic signing software (e.g., DocuSign, Adobe Sign, SignNow, etc.) to shepherd new residents through the paperwork admissions process? Good for you. You’re a step ahead of those who continue to spend valuable time shuffling papers and giving new residents writer’s cramp.

I spoke recently with Eileen Gaisser, Business Analyst for LincWare about some of the limitations of electronic signing systems, or “e-sign” software that I hadn’t thought of. It always seemed like the ultimate convenience tool to avoid signing things over and over again. But it’s been around a while and other solutions (AdmitPlus is one) have leapfrogged what e-sign software can do.

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Feature-rich AdmitPlus offers these additional benefits over standard e-sign software for Senior living  & Skilled Nursing communities

Here is a breakdown:

True automation.

Standard e-sign software involves much less automation than you might think. You must still create all of your documents. You still must set up all the fields. And you must still manage all your versions. AdmitPlus auto-generates all the right updated documents with the appropriate fields.

Automated Document Curation.

You need to decide, each time you send an e-sign packet, which forms must be included. This can be confusing, especially across states where regulations differ. And, Medicare assignment forms need to be generated. Which documents do you need for which residents? Somebody still needs to make those decisions.  With AdmitPlus you will make these decisions one time. The system, using your business rules and protocols, presents the appropriate documents to each resident. It automatically packages and sends them out for signing. No uploading, no redundant filling in fields. All is automated. Then, when it comes to signing, the resident just pulls up the form. They only need to complete the information that is required, as opposed to having to scroll through the entire doc to see what is needed. AdmitPlus forms dynamically show just the pertinent fields.

Data where you need it.

With most e-sign software, the input data goes to one place only: the pdf form, where it is “frozen”. And that’s important for security purposes. However, that data, if captured, could be useful elsewhere. AdmitPlus stores input data in a separate database. It can then be used to automatically populate key fields of other documents or sent to other systems. It can also be used to create valuable reports about the admissions process. You can track things such as length of sales cycle and the status of each document across all locations. This will help determine which forms take longer to execute; valuable information for workflow efficiency. You can’t do that with data used only to populate a static form.

Never a missed signature.

How do you know that the resident has completed all fields of each form? With electronic signing, it’s easy to miss a checkbox, only to have to go back later and complete. AdmitPlus has a foolproof method for ensuring that all fields designated by your community as mandatory are completed. It not only highlights these essential fields, but the system will not enable the final signature until all have been completed.

What the people at AdmitPlus want the senior care community leadership to know is that, while e-sign software once represented the pinnacle of automation, the evolution of data management has made a gigantic leap forward. And you need to know about it. It is now possible for the admissions process to go from taking a week or more to complete, to a process that can be completed in about 20 minutes.

But that may not even be the biggest advantage. Creating an admissions process that closes loopholes, identifies process issues, and improves the experience of the residents and their families, just might give smaller, independent communities the added ammunition they need to compete with more prominent, established communities. And that value cannot be overestimated.

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