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Darren Mathis

How can a SNF's investment in a Referral Management System (RMS) create a Competitive Advantage over SNF's who choose not  to automate?

The need to defend or grow SNF Census has never been more important.  With increased competition, lower length-of-stay (LOS) and diversion to other levels of care, SNF Operators need to develop strategies that create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Investing in a NextGen Referral Management System (RMS) can provide a SNF with several competitive advantages over facilities that choose not to automate their referral processes. Here are some ways an RMS can create a competitive edge:

Faster and More Efficient Referral Process

An RMS streamlines the referral process, allowing the SNF to respond quickly to incoming referrals and admissions. Faster response times can lead to higher acceptance rates, making the SNF a preferred choice for referring hospitals and physicians.

Real-Time Bed Availability

With an RMS, the SNF can provide real-time information on bed availability and occupancy rates to potential referral sources. This transparency enables referring institutions to make timely decisions, increasing the likelihood of selecting the SNF over others with uncertain bed availability.

Improved Communication and Coordination

An RMS facilitates seamless communication between the SNF and referring facilities, promoting efficient care coordination. Clear and efficient communication enhances the SNF's reputation and fosters stronger relationships with referral sources, leading to more consistent referrals.

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Enhanced Patient Care and Safety

Automation through an RMS reduces the likelihood of errors and omissions in the referral and admission process. Improved patient care and safety contribute to better patient outcomes, which can attract more referrals and build trust among patients and their families.

Data-Driven Decision Making

An RMS generates valuable data and analytics that can be used to identify trends, measure performance, and make informed decisions. SNFs can use this data to continuously improve their services and demonstrate their commitment to quality care, setting them apart from competitors.

Compliance and Quality Reporting

An RMS can assist SNFs in tracking and meeting regulatory requirements and quality metrics. Facilities that can showcase their compliance and adherence to quality standards may be more attractive to referring institutions and prospective patients.

Resource Optimization

An RMS can help SNFs optimize resource utilization, leading to cost savings and more efficient operations. Facilities that can provide high-quality care while managing costs effectively are likely to stand out in the market.

Enhanced Reputation

Investing in technology like an RMS demonstrates the SNF's commitment to innovation and modern healthcare practices. A facility with a reputation for being technologically advanced may be perceived as more reliable and attractive to potential patients and partners.

Better Patient and Family Experience

An RMS can improve the overall patient and family experience by reducing administrative burdens, enhancing communication, and ensuring smooth transitions of care. Satisfied patients and families are more likely to recommend the SNF to others.

Adaptability to Industry Changes

As the healthcare industry evolves, technology adoption becomes crucial for staying competitive. SNFs that embrace automation through an RMS are better positioned to adapt to changing industry requirements and trends.

A SNF's investment in a Referral Management System can create a competitive advantage by improving efficiency, communication, patient care, and resource management. It can enhance the facility's reputation, foster stronger relationships with referring institutions, and position the SNF as a leader in providing quality care within the healthcare community.

LincWare’s Referral Management System (RMS), known simply as ReferralPlus is a solution that offers a unique seamlessly integrated platform that sews multiple systems together (including PCC, Matrix, and others) to allow SNFs to process and respond to referrals at lightning speeds while capturing the clinical and financial information necessary for a quick, confident, and safe decision.

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