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Jennifer Todd-Crooks

Safeguarding Skilled Nursing Admissions Amid Staff Changes

Navigating the dynamic world of skilled nursing admissions is no easy feat, requiring clinical, financial, and regulatory knowledge.  As the healthcare landscape evolves and staffing changes occur, ensuring the seamless admission of patients to skilled nursing facilities becomes a top priority. In this blog post, we delve into the strategies and solutions that can help safeguard skilled nursing admissions even in the face of staff transitions.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

During staff changes, maintaining clear lines of communication is crucial. Ensure that incoming and outgoing staff are well-informed about admission procedures, protocols, and any changes. Implement a comprehensive handover process to prevent information gaps and keep the admission process running smoothly.

Cross-Train Staff

Cross-training staff members across various roles involved in admissions can be a lifesaver during transitions. By equipping team members with a broader skill set, you create a flexible workforce capable of handling various tasks and maintaining the integrity of the admission process.

Implement Robust Admissions Software

Investing in reliable admissions software can streamline the entire admissions process. A comprehensive software solution can automate tasks, manage documentation, and facilitate communication, reducing the impact of staff changes on patient admissions.

Document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Create detailed SOPs for the admissions process, outlining each step and responsibility. SOPs serve as a reference for both new and existing staff, ensuring consistency and minimizing disruptions during staff transitions.

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Foster Relationships with Referring Partners

Strong relationships with referring physicians and healthcare facilities can be invaluable. Maintain open lines of communication with these partners, keeping them informed about any staff changes and assuring them of your commitment to maintaining a seamless admissions process.

Conduct Regular Training Sessions

Provide ongoing training sessions for staff members involved in admissions. Regular training ensures that all team members are up-to-date with the latest procedures and protocols, regardless of staff changes.

Maintain a Culture of Continuity

Instill a culture of continuity within your facility, emphasizing the importance of seamless patient care even during staff transitions. This culture shift can create a sense of responsibility and accountability among staff members.


Staff changes are an inevitable part of any organization, but they don't have to disrupt the vital admissions process in skilled nursing facilities. By implementing strategic solutions and maintaining a focus on communication, training, and technology, you can safeguard skilled nursing admissions and ensure that patients continue to receive the highest level of care, no matter the staffing situation.

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