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Hiring is growing increasingly complex for businesses. Complying with paper and manual processes make health care facilities especially risk-prone. Penalties for non-compliance are an everyday risk. If your Form I-9s aren’t perfect, you’re a perfect target.

Increase efficiency and revenue

  • Know exactly where employees are in completing documents
  • Create ad hoc policies for state tags and target all required employees by department or job role
  • Find free money through Federal and State tax credits
  • Eliminate signature chasing and paper trails
  • Provide e-fillable policy acknowledgements, employee information, direct deposit, federal tax forms, benefits enrollment, and more
  • Enable enterprise-wide connectivity to other departments

Strengthen compliance practices

  • Ensure data collection accuracy and reduce risk of I-9 compliance issues
  • Collect, track and audit handbook and policy acknowledgements on an ad hoc basis
EOS worked exactly the way LincWare said it would. It was fast and easy to implement and we onboarded new employees within hours instead of days. I don’t have to worry about missing signatures on paper documents so we also know we’ve addressed our compliance concerns.

Dawn (Tobin) Schnell
HR Programs Consultant
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.​

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