AdmitPlus for Skilled Nursing Admissions

Secure & complete electronic paperwork process

AdmitPlus allows you to quickly assess, qualify, & complete the proper admissions paperwork so you can focus on the best care.

No more chasing paper & worrying that everything is signed & stored properly. All the referral data is there for reporting & a dashboards ready to manage & monitor quality, accountability & service.

  • Centralized paperwork & pricing tool with collaborative staff dashboard
  • 100% compliance, every time
  • Paperwork completion in person or remotely
  • Robust reporting
  • Electronic paperwork generation & eSigning
  • Integrations with EHR to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Supporting document capture

Is your process putting you at risk?

Are your agreements legally defensible; would they stand up in an audit?


Locations Using Incorrect or Out of Date Documents

If you're using paper, how do you know it's not more?


Average Cost to Defend a Lawsuit

Can you afford not to know?


Missing Signature

It only takes 1.

A completely integrated & seamless solution

fast initiation

Fast Initiation

Seamless electronic admissions that make the process painless instead of stressful

  • Instantly generate customized admissions packets
  • Supporting document capture
  • Quick and easy decisioning
safe, secure, & accessible

Safe, Secure, & Accessible

Access anywhere, create dynamic reports, & rest-easy knowing you have all your ducks in a row

  • Centrally track all admissions
  • Fast & robust reporting
  • No missed signatures or documents....ever
fully Integrated

Fully Integrated

Your process is much more than a paperwork trail. Make sure it works for you.

  • Syncs with referral management software
  • Medical record integration
  • User friendly family portal
"Before AdmitPlus, we used to measure your paperwork process in days and weeks. Now we measure it in minutes and hours. I can't imagine someone not wanting to have a product like this.”
mike summers

Susie Myers

VP Sales and Marketing, Fundamental Clinical and Operational Services, LLC (FCOS)

referral +

Pulling it all together with the perfect Referral Management System

In Skilled Nursing, you need to work quickly to understand if & how long you can support an incoming patient & if their insurance will ensure you get paid.

The problem is that without streamlining this process, decisioning & admissions are labor-intensive & may put you at risk of delaying care or making a risky decision.

By providing a structured referral management & decision process that everyone follows, ReferralPlus is the perfect companion to AdmitPlus & gives you a perfectly streamlined process.

Learn more about ReferralPlus

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Seamless feels pretty good

1- Click
Process Initiation

Initiate your admissions process quickly & with the confidence that you have all the right, updated documents

You're Always
in the Loop

See real-time updates on the process & make sure everything is on track for an on-time admission

Right Data
Where You Need it

No more entering the same data into multiple systems. AdmitPlus sends everything right where it needs to be.

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