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Hiring is growing increasingly complex for businesses. Complying with paper and manual processes make health care facilities especially risk-prone. Penalties for non-compliance are an everyday risk. If your Form I-9s aren’t perfect, you’re a perfect target.

Simple interface

Paper forms face a myriad of immediate biases from customers, impacting the quality of data before pen even hits paper. They also cost money to change and often require explanation. By contrast, LincDoc’s eForms engage users with formatting assistance, contextual field presentation and intuitive navigation.

In the Cloud. Onsite. In the Field.

Users can access LincDoc via desktops/laptops, the Cloud or an iPad. eForms always load quickly, remain up-to-date and audit access for version control and compliance.

Business logic integration

Business logic is half of what drives your processes -- paper and people make up the rest. LincDoc embeds your business logic, removes paper, and then empowers people. With paper out of the way, captured data is more accurate, richly connected and significantly more powerful.

Push/Pull connectivity

Data from an eForm can merge with existing internal systems to streamline workflows and connect processes. We’re currently partners with DocuWare and Laserfiche, and will customize linkages for a wide array of systems.

Automated help

escriptive prompts, formatting rules and field-by-field alerts are built into our eForms to guide users through submission.

Template creation

Build an eForm once, modify it when you need to, even use your current PDF or Word forms as overlays. Your forms will always be up-to-date and ready to go.

Secure electronic signatures

With a finger, mouse or stylus, mobile professionals can collect secure electronic signatures on leases, contracts, W4s or financial statements. If your forms call for signatures, LincDoc has you covered.

Version control

End the hassles and risk of outdated forms. Update content once and it persists in every instance in every related eForm or document page. Common data also pre-populates to any connected version. Be compliant every time.

Mobile flexibility

LincDoc can be used in the field via an iPad to collect customer data, medical histories and surveys; get contracts signed or send data back to the enterprise. This flexibility is great for onboarding new customers when you are out of the office.

LincDoc is so easy to use and manage. It has the power to make all of our processes, not just those required by state and federal agencies, so much more affordable and efficient. It’s solving many challenges for us.

Carol Saddoris
Director of Residential Services at Discovery Living

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