Forms initiate process. Process drives business.

LincDoc is eForms and document automation software that simplifies any paper-based process in which compliance and efficiency are critical.

LincDoc is ideal for human resources, customer onboarding and health care administration. If your business runs on paper, it will run better on LincDoc.

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LincDoc WhitePaperDownload a WhitePaper on Six Steps to Better Business Processes.

Who uses LincDoc?

Payroll companies, financial services firms, telecom companies, town governments, several YMCAs, police departments and an NFL franchise. What do they have in common? They wanted a better way than paper to facilitate business.

Patient Visits – Mobile


LincDoc is applicable to many industries, such as education, government, financial services, payroll services or equipment leasing. LincDoc can go where ever forms are affecting business. Some of its applications include …



Human Resources

LincDoc is ideal for the paper-heavy processes involved with hiring and managing your workforce. It can automate the onboarding process, connecting applications to existing HRIS tools and integrating team data enterprise-wide. It also assists with compliance efforts and payroll.

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In the field, exam room or lobby, capture and connect patient data to existing EMR systems to streamline the care process. Mobile health solutions start with better medical data and a focus on the patient, not the business.

See what we mean.


Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is a snap with EOS by LincWare. Our easy-to-use solution helps independent payroll companies become more powerful against national powers by simplifying complex, signature-laden service agreements and mandatory state and federal forms.

Beat Paychex to the punch.


Business Process Improvement

The way you derive revenue from data is the essence of LincDoc, allowing the collapse of multiple business processes into manageable, Web-based eForms. LincDoc can be the power plant under the hood of any enterprise-wide BPM strategy.

LincWare Customers


On-premise, in the cloud or mobile

Users can access LincDoc via desktops/laptops, the Cloud or an iPad. eForms always load quickly, remain up-to-date and audit access for version control and compliance.

Simple interface

LincDoc’s eForms engage users with formatting assistance, contextual field presentation and intuitive navigation. Paper forms face a myriad of immediate biases from customers, impacting the quality of data before pen even hits paper. They also cost money to change and often require explanation.

Business logic integration

Business logic is half of what drives your processes, paper and people make up the rest. LincDoc embeds your business logic, removes paper, and then empowers people. With paper out of the way, captured data is more accurate, richly connected and significantly more powerful.

Push/Pull connectivity

Completed eForms data can merge with existing internal systems to streamline workflows and connect processes. We’re currently partners with DocuWare and Laserfiche, and will customize linkages for a wide array of systems.

Automated help

Descriptive prompts, formatting rules and field-by-field alerts are built into our eForms to guide users through submission.

Template creation

Build an eForm once, modify it when you need to, even use your current PDF or Word forms as overlays. Your forms will always be up-to-date and ready to go.

Secure electronic signatures

With a finger, mouse or stylus, mobile professionals can collect secure electronic signatures on leases, contracts, W4s or financial statements. If your forms call for signatures, LincDoc has you covered.

Version control

End the hassles and risk of outdated forms. Update content once and it persists in every instance in every related eForm or document page. Common data also pre-populates to any connected version. Be compliant every time.

eForms can do that?

Mobile flexibility

LincDoc can be used in the field via an iPad to collect customer data, medical histories and surveys; get contracts signed or send data back to the enterprise. This flexibility is great for onboarding new customers when you are out of the office.


Today’s enterprise knows no boundaries. Data moves in a flash and processes get harried. Paper just can’t keep pace. It’s confining, immobile and slow; plus, paper complicates things, making us invest in processes to extract the information needed to produce work. Paper’s ability to inspire business processes is quickly eroding. Thus, we see paper processes as the most natural entry point for true business process improvement, regardless of industry.

LincDoc was built to connect information with the systems and people that need it.

Here’s how we most often integrate LincDoc:

    1. Find the Troublemakers

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    1. Find the Troublemakers

    Let’s find your most cost-centric operational bottlenecks, whether a single PDF form on your website or multiple, mandatory legal documents that require ten people to finalize. Chances are, you already know what they are. In fact, it’s probably why you’re reading this. However, let’s talk about it.

    2. Circle the Wagons

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    2. Circle the Wagons

    Who in the organization is a part of the form’s life span? Gathering together everybody involved in creating and capturing information helps us better understand your organization’s structure. In turn, what we learn here gets built into what LincDoc will do for you. In short, herein lies your business intelligence.

    3. Round up the Data

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    3. Round up the Data

    How does your information get from paper to the operation? Manual data-entry? Scanning? This is where significant operational value is often discovered.

    4. What’s Already in the Corral?

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    4. What’s Already in the Corral?

    What current content management or document management systems are you using? Beyond the industries most recognized solutions, LincDoc can interface with custom in-house tools, external databases and essentially any system you use to process, route and archive information. We don’t try to outwork what you have, we team-up with it.

    5. Collecting the Bounty

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    5. Collecting the Bounty

    Finally, we look at how you actually use your information. How does your organization profit from what your forms are collecting? This enables us to keep the ultimate purpose in mind as business logic is built into your LincDoc solution. Learning how — and why — information is leveraged helps us create performance benchmarks and identify new ways to further benefit from your data.

    6. Guarding the Fort

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    6. Guarding the Fort

    With everything up and running, we move on to consistent monitoring to observe eForm user habits and electronic document efficiency. It’s critical to ensure everything continues to work together as it did in initial testing and per our set-up strategy. Are there any productivity leaks? Unseen errors or eForm glitches? LincDoc support and our reseller team will stand as sentinels to continually fortify your new eForm-driven business processes.

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LincWare, the creator of LincDoc, is first a company of software specialists. We’ve built it, we’ve sold it and of course, we use it. There’s also a strong sense of entrepreneurship here. Many of us came from and helped build small companies, so we understand how to scrape and claw for an idea that we know can become a solution. We also have substantial corporate management, marketing and sales experience, which helps round out a vibrant tapestry of driven, customer-oriented mindsets.

The company was started in 2009, but LincDoc’s roots extend beyond the formation of the company.


Darren Mathis, CEO

Darren comes from a business background based almost entirely on technology. He leads the day-to-day activities around the office, even if the task doesn’t fall under what would be considered normal for a CEO. He played a crucial role in the conceptualization and design of LincDoc. Today, Darren also oversees partnership opportunities, engages with clients and manages the company’s industry presence.


Eric Lenio, CTO

A programmer first, Eric’s skill and insight fuel the features and stability of LincDoc and led to its initial launch. He oversees the development team and ensures that what’s working continues to work. Eric is at his best over the keyboard, preferring to be as deep into code and problem solving as possible. He also works with Darren on company direction and in identifying growth opportunities.


Adam Lenio, CCO

Adam Lenio created and continues to evolve LincWare’s visual brand and outreach strategies through electronic collateral, videos, web content, infographics and an array of sales partner materials. Adam is an artist and insightful visual communicator. He has proven capable of spanning that ever-widening gap between artistry and corporate communications.


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